Start a running routine

"Today is the day !" I hear you cry - coach to 5k. But motivation as we all know can come and go just as quick. What is needed is commitment. Start by making a plan, get a pen and paper (yes old school !) and write down your goals in a realistic fashion.

Goals :

1 - Make a Goal eg.  I want to run 5k over the next 8 weeks
2 - Make a Plan - how will you achieve this, break it into small goals eg today I will walk briskly for a half an hour
3 - Increase your limit (SLOWLY) - Rome wasn't built in a day and either were you. Small steps will always win out
4 - On days you are tired remember why you are doing this - imagine the feeling of greatness when you achieve your goal
5 - That little voice in your head that says WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME - stop it ! think positive thoughts and visualize the outcome at the end
6 - Never give up - the nay sayers will always be there, leave them behind as you move torward to your goal !
7 - When tou achieve your goal -don't stop, aim for the challenge

Remember alwway keep hydrated and fuel up to keep the body moving forward.

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